How Does Accelerated Orthodontics Work?

Accelerated orthodontics is a new method that has been developed in order to move teeth that are out of position faster than traditional braces do. In the past, traditional braces have taken anywhere from one to three years to complete teeth or tooth movement and finish giving you a perfect smile as a result of cosmetic dental or orthodontic work. Accelerated orthodontics can many times now achieve the same effects for cosmetic smile improvement in only three to eight months.

What Does Accelerated Orthodontics Do?

Accelerated orthodontics primarily deals with straightening, closing of gaps, repositioning of your front teeth, and tooth spacing. An accelerated orthodontics procedure will make use of time-proven orthodontic and periodontal techniques to help you achieve your desired smile. The accelerated procedure can be considered for an adult seeking orthodontic care for cosmetic purposes in order to achieve results faster than wearing braces will achieve. It is normally an option to discuss with your cosmetic dentist and orthodontist before pursuing alternatives to the procedure such as dental tooth bonding or porcelain veneers.

How Does the Accelerated Orthodontic Procedure Work?

When you undergo accelerated orthodontic procedures your cosmetic dentist will arrange a team of specialists that are trained in the accelerated procedure. There will potentially be “in-office” procedures that are accomplished in addition to normal orthodontic treatment. They may choose to reduce some of the widths of your teeth in order to help fix some of the crowding problems which can also eliminate the need to remove teeth to make room in your mouth. It can also require periodontal surgery after you have your braces in-place. Some patients report minor discomfort after the procedure but less than that experienced with traditional orthodontic methods. Sometimes itching in the gums is reported as a result of your teeth moving faster than with the slower, traditional processes with braces. There will be a need for more frequent follow-up visits with your doctor and dentist in order to check for required adjustments to your braces, and you may be required to wear a retainer for a set amount of time after the braces are removed.

How Much Does Accelerated Orthodontics Cost?

The cost of your accelerated orthodontics treatment will vary based on the number of specialists that your cosmetic dentist is required to bring in on your treatment. It will further vary based on where you live and the going rate for the required work. Normally, the cost of accelerated orthodontic treatments is equivalent to that of traditional orthodontic work, but over a shorter time-frame. Many insurance companies will not fully cover braces if they are required, and some do not cover them at all, so you should ensure you verify what your coverage is before pursuing treatment.

Should You Pursue Accelerated Orthodontics?
It depends. If your goal is to have your overall smile and appearance improved in as quick a manner as possible, then you will see results in as little as three months and up to eight with taking this path for cosmetic smile improvement. If your teeth are over-crowded, however, you may have to have some of your teeth altered in order to make enough room in your mouth for their required movement. With the procedure being relatively new, you may find trouble finding a trained orthodontist or specialists than can accomplish the procedure in certain areas of the country.

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